KWIS 2022

In 2022 the third annual virtual Known World Italian Symposium III was hosted by the Kingdom of An Tir on May 7. KWIS III drew over 170 distinct sign-ins and had both instructors and attendees from North America and Drachenwald. The event had 20,880 total participant minutes with an average of 120 minutes per participant!

Visit the link below to view the class recordings on YouTube.

Known World Italian Symposium III (KWIS 2022) YouTube Playlist


  • Event Stewards: Gigi Coulson & Tiffany Ballard
  • Zoom Coordinator: Luara Baseler
  • Website Coordinator: Mike Zavatta-MacDonald
  • Class Coordinator: Bekah Schafer

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Facebook Group

There is a Facebook group that focuses on the cultures of pre-17th-century Italian peninsula called Known World Italians. Please come and join the community!

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Classes will be uploaded to this Known World YouTube channel:

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