Baroness Sophia the Orange

SCA Name: Baroness Sophia the Orange SCA Location: Atlantia Bio: I have been studying, performing, and teaching Commedia dell’Arte since 2000. I have built three Commedia troupes, co-founded the Commedia community at Pennsic, and wrote the Compleat Anachronist on Commedia production, issue #173. I love Commedia and love to share it! See my website for aContinue reading “Baroness Sophia the Orange”

Farolfus filius Richardi

SCA Name: Farolfus filius Richardi SCA Location: Kingdom of Northshield Bio: Based in the Kingdom of Northshield, Farolfus’ main area of interest is Migration Period/Early Medieval material culture – especially ceramics. His focus on the Langobardic presence in Italy in the late 6th and 7th century ultimately led him to study their distinctive stamped pottery tradition, butContinue reading “Farolfus filius Richardi”

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rauokinn Starradottir

SCA Name: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rauokinn Starradottir SCA Location: An Tir Bio: Rauokinn is a knight and pelican and is currently serving An Tir in the role of Queen. She has a passion for historical costuming and experimental archaeology. She took the pandemic as an opportunity to explore Etruscan culture and fashion as it hadContinue reading “Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rauokinn Starradottir”