Marco Viviani

Name: Marco Viviani, JD (Giurista)

Location: Mantua, Italy

Bio: Marco Viviani is a reenactor in the Lombardy province of Italy. He holds a degree in law and is an independent scholar and researcher of 15th-century material culture, historical fencing, clothing, baratteria (gaming houses), military history, leather working, and socio-cultural norms. Marco reconstructs and reenacts the period of 1390-1410 and 1490-1525 period, sometimes even reconstructing clothes from different eras such as the 1450s. 

Class title: 16th-Century Fashion in the Venetian Territory

Class description: A review of feminine and masculine fashions depicted in the Asola Cathedral circa 1516. We will concentrate on working class, middle class, and upper middle class clothing/ accessories. Asola lies on a main historical transportation route in northern Italy and in the 16th-Century was a part of the Venetian territory border area. 

Length: 50 minutes

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