HL Enise bint Öghuz

SCA Name: HL Enise bint Öghuz

SCA location: Trimaris

Bio: Enise was born in Samarkand during the reign of Ulug Beg. She is the well-travelled, polyglot widowed cool aunt in a family of scholars and booksellers. As she has no head for business, her family lets her indulge her love of books and learning. She is NOT a spy. Jo-Ann is a linguist and teacher of gifted children in Florida who aspires to being as cool as Enise.

Class title:  BASIC Italian for Bards Who Don’t Speak Italian

Class description: Do you want to perform songs in Italian but don’t want to butcher the language of Dante? Then this is the class for you. Learn the basics of Italian pronunciation and end by learning a fun and period Italian song. Benvenuto a tutti!

Class Handout:

Class length: 50 minutes

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