Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rauokinn Starradottir

SCA Name: Her Royal Majesty, Queen Rauokinn Starradottir

SCA Location: An Tir

Bio: Rauokinn is a knight and pelican and is currently serving An Tir in the role of Queen. She has a passion for historical costuming and experimental archaeology. She took the pandemic as an opportunity to explore Etruscan culture and fashion as it had always fascinated her.

Class title: Exploring Etruscan Fashion

Class description: The Etruscans were an ancient civilization on the Italian peninsula. They are credited with amazing granulated gold work, inventing the precursor to the toga (the tebenna) and maintaining a culture where women were respected in social society.

Given the time that has passed, there is very little in the way of extant garments (but there are some!) and much of what we believe about Etruscan fashion has been extrapolated from burial murals in amazing tombs. This class will give a brief overview of some of the sources available regarding Etruscan fashion, its distinctive characteristics as opposed to contemporary Roman and Greek fashion and my attempt to build a male and female outfit in the Etruscan aesthetic.

Class length: 50 minutes

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