Fortune St Keyne

SCA Name: Fortune St Keyne

SCA Location: East Kingdom

Bio: Chontesa Fortune St Keyne is a Venetian courtesan persona in the early 16th century. She resides in the beautiful kingdom of the East where she runs events, teaches, sews, leads the local courtesan guild, one very naughty book club, and can probably stop buying silk any time she wants. She just doesn’t want to…

Class title: Keep Thee From a Nunnery: Single Women in Renaissance Venice

Class Description: How to avoid bad (nuns) habits and have it all in Renaissance Italy. Learn the traits to make yourself the epitome of marriageable Italian womanhood. There is only so much dowry money to go around, and if you’ve got sisters, you are likely to end up as Sister Mary on the Shelf. Culled from various sources of advice, learn to be an ideal bride, and your options if Lord Charming never comes.

Class Length: 110 minutes

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