Farolfus filius Richardi

SCA Name: Farolfus filius Richardi

SCA Location: Kingdom of Northshield

Bio: Based in the Kingdom of Northshield, Farolfus’ main area of interest is Migration Period/Early Medieval material culture – especially ceramics. His focus on the Langobardic presence in Italy in the late 6th and 7th century ultimately led him to study their distinctive stamped pottery tradition, but when he is not busy reconstructing stamping dies and making pots, he is sewing garb or making shoes, belts, and other early medieval leather goods.

Class title: Meet the Langobards: 568-774 CE

Class description: This class will introduce attendees to the Langobards (aka the Lombards), a Germanic-speaking group that arrived in what is now Italy in the late sixth century CE. Over the next 200 years, Langobard rule eventually extended throughout much of the Italian peninsula; rather than a simple story of conquest, however, this period saw the gradual fusion of Langobardic and Romano-Byzantine cultures. The class will hit the historical highlights, look at a dazzling array of weapons, jewelry, and pottery, and touch on a range of other subjects including language, law, origin myths, and religion. Fibulae, toponyms, and lamellar armor – oh my!

Class handout:

Class length: 50 minutes

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