Dúgū Jìnán

SCA Name: Dúgū Jìnán

SCA location: Northshield

Bio: Dúgū Jìnán lives under the rule of the Tuoba emperors in the State of Wei in Northern China, at the turn of 4th and 5th century CE. She manages the household for her husbands and serves in the inner quarters of the imperial palace

In daily life, Kasia Gromek is a molecular biologist who studies structure and functions of proteins. Historical fragrances and beauty care from across Europe and Asia are her biggest passion which she shares with others through classes, displays and a blog.

Class title: Beads, fragrant beads!  

Class description:   A journey through time in search of recipes for fragrant beads from the Italian Peninsula. Several recipes will by analyzed step by step with help of detailed pictures. We will cover antiquity, Medieval Ages and Renaissance.  

Class location: 50 minutes

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